CNC plasma cutting table // SwiftCut 3000XP

CNC plasma cutting – an effective approach to steel processing in Upper Silesia

CNC plasma cutting is a fast and effective way to burn up any sheet metal element. By using this method, we can obtain high-quality edges, even when cutting thick sheets. Feel free to have a closer look at our offer!

Our offer

For sheet metal cutting, we apply modern CNC solutions provided by the company Hypertherm, which is a world leader in plasma technologies. In the cutting process, we used to operate with gases such as oxygen or nitrogen because they ensure even and smooth contours of the burned parts. Moreover, the CNC plasma cutting table makes the work fully automated and this guarantees repeatability of the elements and high working speed.

We use CNC-plasma cutting table to cut objects such as:

• elements of steel structures, • machine spare parts and their casings, • tools, •fence panels, • balustrades, • decorative elements, • furniture parts, • various types of connectors, brackets, etc.

We provide sheet metal cutting in selected shapes (delivered in a CAD file), an extensive database of standard elements that can be adapted to the customer’s needs, and a design based on a provided technical drawing or photo.

The process of cutting steel with plasma

Plasma enables cutting sheets of carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium. In the process itself we use a plasma arc which melts the material under the influence of compressed air. As a result, the mentioned melted material is ejected directly from the cutting gap down to the tank. In order to execute the process precisely, it is highly important to select parameters such feed speed and arc power correctly. Inaccurately calibrated device could cause incomplete burning up of the elements and poor edge quality. Therefore, we place great emphasis on the right course of process.

Steel plasma cutting parameters

Original item on the left & Our model on the right

Thanks to the use of high-quality machine with a power of up to 200 A, we are able to cut sheets up to 50 mm thick. The maximum size of a sheet of metal is 1500 x 3000 mm.

For plasma cutting, we use the following sources: • Hypertherm PowerMax 65A • Hypertherm MaxPro 200A • mechanized SwiftCut 3000XP CNC-plasma cutting table (the maximum size of a sheet metal that can be placed on this CNC-table is 1500 x 3000mm).

We perform sheet metal cutting on the basis of: • delivered CAD files, • selected elements from our database of standard shapes, • designs made by us for individual orders.

We are also able to create designs based on the provided technical drawings, dimensions, photos or graphics. Check also our Facebook and Instagram