CNC press brake & metal sheets bending

Rewox Tech provides services such as press bending of sheets of various thickness. Our metalworking plant is equipped with a modern numerically controlled press brake, model Baykal APHS 31300, which ensures bending accuracy and repeatability of the process. Thanks to its high-tech technology, we are totally capable of precise metal sheets bending and performing it at various angles. In the end, the product obtained is not only perfectly shaped regarding the customers´ requirements, but also its material is visibly stiffened.

Using CNC press brake in metal sheets bending

The CNC bending machines are computer-controlled devices that are used in sheet metal processing on an industrial scale. Thanks to the technology, the entire manufacturing process can be pre-programmed by the user. This allows a line production of a range of elements which will present equal parameters.

The CNC press brake guarantees also an elimination of possible errors that occur frequently by other metal bending methods. Such errors cause not only notable material losses but also sometimes the whole process has to be repeated more times in order to get a quality product, which is, undoubtedly, an inconvenience.

In other words, choosing the CNC method in sheet metal bending means that you save material and optimize the time needed to complete the task. Moreover, it enables also the implementation of works related to the acquisition of complex, irregular and unusual elements from metal sheets.

Our CNC press brake

We dispose of a Baykal APHS 31300 CNC press brake, for which the five axis bumper can exert a pressure force of up to 300t. This bumper is very well suited to the execution of orders for products with complex shapes. It is also worth to highlight that our bending machine is a powerful machine with a maximum pressure of 300 tons. Such force enables sheets up to 18 mm thick to be freely bent over a length of up to 3000 mm. We also process thicker sheets, but certain restrictions may apply at that time.

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