Steel structures and machines parts


Rewox Tech company is specialized both in producing  black stainless steel constructions and in designing and manufacturing components for machines and devices and other steel elements upon request.

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    Shot-blasting in a nutshell

    Shot-blasting in a nutshell Shot-blasting is one of a few technological processes that are most frequently used nowadays to clean the surfaces of the elements before submitting them under further[…]

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    Sandblasting – pros and (no) cons

    Sandblasting – pros and (no) cons Sandblasting is a process in which the surface shall be professionally cleaned with a stream of compressed air combined with abrasive material. The abrasive[…]

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    How to burn out elements with a CNC-plasma cutting table?

      Plasma metal sheet cutting has recently become one of the most frequently used methods of material processing. Thanks to this technique, we are perfectly able to work metal sheets[…]

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