Shot-blasting in a nutshell

Shot-blasting in a nutshell

Shot-blasting in a nutshell

Shot-blasting is one of a few technological processes that are most frequently used nowadays to clean the surfaces of the elements before submitting them under further treatments. It’s an important fact that not only metal or steel parts but also, these, for example made of wood, can undergo this process. Regarding the method itself, it consists in using compressed air to remove old varnish, rust and other contaminants. The stream of the mentioned compressed air contains numerous particles of abrasive material which, in a shortcut, make the most of the job.

The advantages of shot-blasting at a glance

In addition to the previously mentioned cleaning of the element before its further processing, shot blasting has several other advantages. Similar to sandblasting, it assures the integrity of the structure of the material  that we work on while avoiding any collateral damage to its surface. What is more, after just a few minutes, performing other activities on the material, such as varnishing or painting, can be already successfully started.

Furthermore, shot-blasting is also a guarantee of better adhesion of substances that we are willing to apply on the cleaned element. If you decide to go for this method, you can be sure that the material will come out strengthened and will  serve its purpose definitely longer. Last but not least, It is also worth paying attention to its favourable price which is, compared to other similar processes, relatively low and guarantees measurable results.

What you should know before you start?

Virtually every element can be shot-blasted, both as a small screw as a large metal structure, but each of them should be properly protected against damage beforehand. Without a doubt, for the sake of your own safety and of others, the cleansing process should be performed by exclusively by professionals who know exactly how to lead the work correctly and how to prevent any possible accident.

Finally, in our company we are proud of carrying out the shot-blasting processes only in very professional, high-tech chambers.  Thanks to the modern solutions applied by the manufacturer, no dust is released into the atmosphere while working and, therefore, the close environment shall not be affected.

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