How to burn out elements with a CNC-plasma cutting table?

How to burn out elements with a CNC-plasma cutting table?


Plasma metal sheet cutting has recently become one of the most frequently used methods of material processing. Thanks to this technique, we are perfectly able to work metal sheets precisely and with high speed production line. Plasma can be described as a gas-like matter, commonly known as the fourth state of aggregation. The CNC plasma cutting table, with a usage of a plasma arc, melts and ejects the metal from the slit. As a result, each cut is extremely accurate and there is no chance of any slip. It’s very interesting the nature of process itself and, therefore, we invite you to get to know it closer by reading this article.

Plasma cutting process

There are several techniques that allow to cut metal with a plasma. The first one is a standard edge-to-edge cut. Secondly, we have a pattern cutting in which we start from the centre and then proceed with the cutting accordingly to the previously established pattern. We should keep in mind that the material ought to be previously properly prepared and cleaned from paint rests as it may have a negative impact on the quality of cut edge. Moreover, it is also possible to cut curved lines, not only the straight ones, as well as to work on several sheets at the same time which is significantly speeding up the production.

There is no doubt that with the current state of technology, automating the entire process thanks to the CNC installation is fully feasible. The simultaneous execution of a number of projects is not a problem any more, and the superior quality of the final products is kept maintained. Finally, the cost of its purchasing and maintain of the machine are relatively low, what gains another points in its favor. In shortcut, the plasma cutting tool has multiply advantages and therefore is often used worldwide.

What can be cut with a plasma?

The CNC- plasma cutting table, thanks to its unique properties, is suitable even for cutting out thick sheets. All conductive materials such as aluminium, carbos steel or stainless steel can be perfectly treated with plasma. It is worth to remember that before using plasma cutting, we don’t have to clean the surface from the dirt or rust beforehand, only the paint residues have to be removed. With plasma, we can cut many forms and these objects can be elements of steel structures as well as machine parts, tools, parts of the furniture or balustrade etc. Plasma cutting allows us to cut almost any shape while maintaining great precision. And what if we want to cut our own custom design? In this case, it is possible to adjust the parameters of the machine in accordance with the technical designs provided.

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