CNC Technology – what is it about?

CNC Technology – what is it about?

CNC Technology – what is it about?

CNC – Technology, i.e. Computerized Numerical Control, refers to the computer control of numerical devices. In short, it is an advanced control system with an integrated high-tech microcomputer that allows extremely precise metal work, easy processes programming and manufacturing any metal sheet shape. Given the above, it is not surprising that such an effective method has found a wide range of applications in many sectors of the industry as well as in metal working.

Advantages of CNC technology

To the most important features of the CNC machines belong the repeatability of the process and high quality of the manufactured elements. Once the project has been correctly introduced to the programme, it can be easily reused in the future in order to get exactly the same production line. Thanks to that solution, we were able to reduce the production cost and increase the efficiency simultaneously. Moreover, just one qualified machine operator can supervise several devices at the same time.

Types of CNC machines

It is almost impossible to bring up all the sorts of the CNC machines that are nowadays used over all the world. Within last years the technology has become very common and multiples factories have already decided to go for such solutions. Among all those devices, we could mention such examples as: milling machines, lathes, bending press brakes, rolling mills and numerous types of cutters such as plasma or gas cutting machines.


There is no doubt that the CNC technology has changed our world permanently. Certainly, the implementation of the technology has made the metalworking faster and easier than it was ever before.

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