How to bend sheets with a CNC press brake

How to bend sheets with a CNC press brake

Metal is one of the most commonly used materials in the industry. However, to take full advantage of its potential, it ought to be properly formed beforehand. There are several techniques that make it possible, and the choice of the most suitable one depends on the hardness and thickness of the sheet as well as on the expected result. One of the most popular methods to bend metal sheets is with a press brake.

Modern CNC press brakes stand for advanced computer-controlled devices. The electronic control panel allows entering precise information about our expected outcome. The most optimal parameters are being selected by the machine by itself, so we can be sure that the element will meet our requirements. Another important advantage of the press brake is its high precision and numerous bending possibilities. As a result, you become a high quality final product that can be offered in a better price thanks to the production process optimization and low material lost.

Our machine is able to express the pressure of up to 300t and its bending length is up to 3100 mm. In addition, the device is equipped with numerous modern solutions, such as automatic control of the bend defection and a fully automatic five-axis rear bumper. As a result, our customers receive a sheet which fully corresponds to their needs.

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